How to clean a chimney

How to Keep Your Chimney Clean

Gas-Burning Fireplaces Gas-burning fireplaces are convenient.Since chimney cleaning involves standing on the roof to clean inside the chimney from the top down, a roof with a steep pitch adds risk and safety hazards to the job.

How to Clean a Chimney

I got a brush on clearance from HD this spring, on the box it listed using a screw on pole (fiberglass rod) to push it up and down the chimney (best if you have a straight shot from a clean out up to the top of the chimney), another was to.Your furnace should be the subject of a yearly inspection by a professional.According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), some of the new gas fireplaces still recommend or require an annual chimney cleaning.

Spring is the best time to schedule a cleaning by a chimney sweep because you beat the fall rush and reduce the likelihood of smoky odors wafting into the house during the summer, when your furnace is on hiatus.Carefully place removed chimney caps on the roof so they do not slide off.Chimney brush extension pipes, to help you clean the whole length of the chimney.

To clean a chimney, use a chimney brush to scrub the inside of the flue beginning at the roof, and scrub the damper, firebox and chimney cap before using the fireplace.

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Remove Chimney Caps: You need to remove the protective chimney caps from the top of the chimney before cleaning.

Creosote, a flammable, oily buildup and natural byproduct of wood fires, will coat the inside of your chimney the more fires you burn in your fireplace or stove.

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If you fail to keep your chimney cleaned, these deposits will build up and eventually ignite and cause a chimney fire.This cleaning will help create a safer operation of your system during the heating system.

Chimney Cleaning FAQs Professional Chimney Cleaners in Bergen County, NJ.Clay Lamb is a Cincinnati Chimney Sweep contractor and the executive producer of the YouTube channel, podcast, and blog Ask the Chimney Sweep.

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He is also an award-winning educator and public speaker in the chimney and fireplace industry.These are the steps in cleaning the chimney: To clean and inspect your chimney, prepare all the materials needed like a flashlight, brush, a ladder and a vacuum.If the chimney has not been cleaned in a long time, it is wise to have a chimney sweep do the first cleaning.

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Build-up of creosote and soot that accumulates on the chimney walls reduces the draft needed by the stove or fireplace which may cause smoke to come out the opening or door.Chimney Flashing Repair Chimney flashings are frequently the source of water leaks and old dried out tar can crack and allow water through.In general, the cooler the fire is, the more soot and tar is deposited - the hotter, the less soot and tar.

Although you are not at risk of fire, critters, rodents, and birds have been known to build nests inside the flue.

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Sweeping logs are popular because of their ease of use for creosote removal.Finally, how long you wait in between cleaning jobs will also play a role in the size and cost of the project.The main reason to clean your chimney is to remove flammable deposits such as soot and creosote from the interior walls of a chimney.

Next, proceed to remove ash and stray bits of wood from the firebox.Fire in the hearth will deposit soot and tar in the chimney to a certain extent depending on the fuel and the temperature of burning.

It must only be opened after cleaning the inner walls in order to prevent the debris, dirt and soot from blowing into your house.

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