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When pairing a multi-course meal, start with lighter, lower-alcoholic beers and progress toward heavier ones to avoid overwhelming the palate.Beer This breakfast casserole definitely has a little bit of a kick, which is why I decided to pair it with a pale ale.

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Pale ale is a popular style of beer known to be hop-forward with a malty flavor and a golden to amber color.Unmistakable with its rich amber colour and inviting floral tones, this laid-back, English pub-style ale is smooth and easy-going.

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While popular tastes have strayed to hoppier, more aggressive, or even experimental beers, the APA is still the foundation upon which our current beer scene was built.Draft SNPA at all other locations is a different recipe and is listed separately.

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This makes for a much more complicated and interesting tasting experience with a pretty much endless variety of taste options.

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IPA pairs up nicely with milder blue cheeses like gorgonzola.

Beer is great on its own, but with the right food, it can be even more delicious.But actually, beer is such a versatile beverage that relegating it to only being paired with hot dogs (and occasionally wings) would be a crime.To choose the best beer to pair with a particular dish, consider the personalities of both the beer and the food.

Today, Certified Cicerone Michael Agnew is here to help us find the best dishes to eat with India Pale Ale.It also makes use of the classic American hop varieties Cascade and Mosiac.

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Got a batch of pumpkin ale going and I want to plan a small party for when I bring it out.Successful beer and food pairing rests on matching food characteristics of those found in beer.

For instance, a salad pairs better with a light lager or pale ale than a heavy stout.But ironically, beer is much better suited for food pairing than wine is.On this post I am just going to list some of the most common food and beer pairings he has in his book.Lighter beers, like most lagers, go very well with lighter cheese like mild white cheddars, Swiss, and Havarti.A few tips in choosing which cheeses to pair with which beers: The last half decade has seen the emergence of cheese and beer pairings as a popular way to enjoy both.

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The full set of BJCP Style Guidelines, in various formats, can be found at the BJCP Style Center.

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The result is a hoppy, refreshing, full-bodied brew ranging from brown and nutty, and pale and golden, to India Pale Ale, with notes of apple or cherry or pineapple.

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If Hawaiian pizza is more your speed, go for a golden ale, and a barbecue chicken pie plays nice with a Vienna lager.

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